They hardly accepted my African boyfriend as a son-in-law - part 2

They hardly accepted my African boyfriend as a son-in-law - part 2

When they saw my black boyfriend, about whom I had told them a lot, but omitted to tell them that he was black, my parents turned white!

“What the? What the? What is this?” Dad stammered as he stared at Allassane as if he had seen African leader Nelson Mandela. If it's a joke, know it's not good at all, Roxane!

"It's no joke!" I denied them, looking at him boldly, even defiantly. He is my fiancé, Allassane, from Côte d'Ivoire, and he came to ask for my hand.

“Here you go! Enough of that!” the mother interposed, after overcoming the shock. You just weren't crazy to turn your life upside down, Roxane!

“This will not happen, because we have been together for two years, we love each other and we are happy!” I also boldly contracted her. My boyfriend is a resident surgeon and will have a brilliant career, I assure you!

The poor boy was watching the awkward discussion without saying anything, he was so scared. I had warned him that he would be harassed by my parents, extremely conservative people, but he did not expect such bad reception. He was terrified.

"Please don't be mad at Roxane!" he tried to defend me. You know, we didn't plan anything, it just happened. We fell in love.

“Young man, stay calm because we have nothing personal with you!” my father apostrophized him, frowning at him. The culprit is Roxane, who hid the fact that you are black. If we had known, we would have forbidden her to have such a relationship. God! What would relatives and friends say if they knew that our daughter wants to marry a guy like you?!

" You are against our relationship?" I intervened, getting angrier. “Can't I marry Allassane, even if we love each other?”

One word I have to say: Ex-clu-ded!! my father syllabified, leaving the room with my mother and ending the scene before sparks came out. Ex-clu-ded!!

We didn't stay for dinner, as we should have, but we left in a hurry, extremely disappointed. It is true that knowing my parents, I had expected them to show restraint in the face of our intention to marry, but not to be so outraged and to oppose so fiercely.

I was then afraid that I would lose the good, warm and sensitive man I loved with all my heart despite the colour of his skin. Fortunately, however, he showed understanding and acceptance, pacifism and altruism, but especially an infinite love.

“Please don't be upset, Roxana! he whispered to me tenderly, a few days after the painful episode of my parents' reunion. We can still love each other without being husband and wife, even if that would devastate your family and make them deny you. I am determined to fight for our love, I do not give up on you for anything in the world! I swear!”

"I'm not giving up on you either, Allassane!" I answered from the bottom of my heart as I stroked her beautifully contoured biceps. I adore you, Allassane!

Fortunately, my African boyfriend kept his word, he never gave up on me, but he fought for our love. Unfortunately, however, I was trapped in a restrictive thinking pattern, I was extremely cowardly, so I did not dare to override my parents' decision and marry the chosen one.

I continued to live with them and my brother and continue my life as it was: I met Allassane only in the city or in his house. Unwelcome, he never stepped into my parents' house. I mentioned the friend's house, and it's time to tell you that he, being an intelligent man, extremely serious and ambitious, had a continuous rise on a professional scale: concretely, in a few years after graduating from college he became one of the highly regarded neurological surgeons in the country: Logically, his income has grown exponentially, so my boyfriend has allowed himself to buy an apartment in the centre, a luxury car, custom furniture and much more. No wonder he pampered me all the time like a princess, although, as a certified translator, I was earning pretty well. I now come to the events of the last two years with my story, when my brother gave me the terrible news.

"Roxane, hold on tight! Robert put me on guard one evening when the two of us were home alone. Dad has a brain tumour! He is dying!

“What the? I screamed in terror at death. Why do you say that? Are you kidding me? Do you want to see if I really care about my dad? He lets me marry whoever I want. Is that so?”

“No, isn't it! I heard them whispering in the kitchen this morning. Tomorrow he goes to the notary's office to make his will.”

"Okay, and how can you be so calm, Robert?" I yelled at him. You are unconscious! It's about my father!

“I know it's about my father, but what can I do? Tell me!”

Unfortunately, my brother was right: he couldn't do anything. But for me, yes! I could. Or, more precisely, Allassane. As he was an exceptional neurologist surgeon, I was convinced that he would cure my father. I just knew it would be like that. And, fortunately, it was!

When he heard about the proposal that my fiancé, with whom I had lived for eight years, should examine my father, he vehemently opposed it, as did my mother.

That, in the first phase. But after computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging made it clear that the tumour on my father's brain was benign, my parents changed their minds.

Finding out that Allassane is an expert in removing these tumours, they agreed that my African would be the one to perform the surgery.

I hope he doesn't take revenge on me and kill me! my father made a macabre joke before entering the operating theatre. You were present when I promised her that if I escaped, I would give you my blessing and you could get married.

"Yes, father, rest assured, everything will be fine! I insured him. I promise you will dance at my wedding!

You probably deduced what followed. The intervention went flawlessly, with Allassane proving once again that he is an ace in brain tumour removal.

And my father kept his word and allowed us to get married. I will never forget his pre-wedding words, in which he revealed a sensitive side that I had never known.

“Allassane, please forgive me and my wife for all the harm we have done to you!” Dad said, obviously excited. I was grossly mistaken in judging a wonderful man, like you, by skin colour. I am convinced that there is no other man who could make our daughter happy and I want to thank you for doing it, just as I thank you for saving my life. Welcome to our family, son!

“I promise I'll keep Roxane happy!” said my husband simply. And thank you for welcoming me into the family, mom and dad!

It's been two years since then, and my husband and I are super happy. That is why I tell you even if the right to happiness is forbidden to you by the archaic conventionalism of a society fenced with artificial templates, don't give up, go on! Follow your dream!



the End