To get rid of my daughter-in-law, I found a lover for her - part 1

To get rid of my daughter-in-law, I found a lover for her - part 1

Sometimes desperate situations require desperate solutions ... And when your child is unhappy in marriage, what do you do as a parent? You act accordingly and get him out of trouble because you just didn't raise him for a lifetime to allow a treacherous and fake woman to wash the floor with him!

My husband left us after a stupid work accident when our son, Richard, had just entered high school. The news fell like lightning on our heads, especially since Mihai had been a perfect husband and father.

Slowly, time and daily worries managed to alleviate the pain, although even today, after so many years, I cannot look in the photo album without bursting into tears. Although I was young and everyone advised me to rebuild my life, I decided not to get married. It seemed almost a blasphemy to me to share with someone else the bed and the life I had shared with Mihai. Then my son was in the middle of this problem.

Richard never told me directly, but I sensed that the presence of a stranger would have offended him. I was so anxious not to upset him that I did not even dare to have an adventure. I tell you all this not to brag, but to better understand how contrary to my nature was the deed I committed later. I was the first to be shocked by what I did, but there comes a time in life when love and devotion push you to incredible gestures.

Now I would like to tell you a little about my son because he is one of the main characters in the story.

Although he does not meet the standard of masculine beauty, Richard is still an attractive boy, which has always been in the attention of girls. In society, he passes as a brilliant person and is almost always the centre of attention, because he knows how no one else can invent all kinds of jokes that provoke laughter. But without - and this is his great talent - to offend someone.

But this cheerful and joking behaviour is just a mask under which hides a shy and very vulnerable being. He is very affectionate and feels the need to be devoted to someone, but he pretends that the other person should respond in the same way. Peace and balance in the house are essential for him.

It must also be said that my son hates to cause any suffering as little as possible and I have often seen him avoid telling a truth, perhaps necessary, by exchanging words with a joke, just so as not to upset the interlocutor.

Tough decisions scare him and he prefers to postpone them until the time resolves them in his place. It is perhaps a sign of weakness here, although I, in my love as a mother, prefer to see only a lot of sensitivity.

After graduating from college, Richard joined a state-owned company. He stayed there just long enough to gain experience and build relationships, then moved to a multinational company with headquarters in Dubai. He works a lot there, but his salary is commensurate. In a few years, he raised enough money to change his lifestyle. In the meantime, I had retired early. So, we decided to sell our modest apartment and my son bought one with three rooms situated downtown, which he arranged chic and modern.

Richard wanted us to continue living together when he was in our country, but I thought it was time for him to start his own family, so I preferred to move into a separate home. But I was very close, less than ten minutes’ walk, so I went to him every day, where I cooked, I did the housework and, in the evenings when it was not too late, I waited for him with dinner.

That's not because my son couldn't afford a housekeeper. But it was a way to keep close ties between us, as well as something from the old lifestyle; in addition, it made me feel like Remus' house was mine.

It's been a few years. I was very proud of my son, who in a short time had been promoted to a position of great responsibility.

However, there was something that worried me: Richard was 33 years old and I couldn't hear him saying the word "married". Of course, he was having fun with girls and I often found all sorts of signs that showed me that he had not spent the night alone, but when I asked him about it, I found that it was nothing serious.

"I don't know what will happen to this boy!" He is handsome, he has a good job and a material situation, he does not drink, he does not smoke, he has all the qualities. Then why doesn't he stick to a girl to get married and make grandchildren? I was complaining to my good friend Maggie.

She encouraged me:

"Leave it, darling, don't worry so much! He still hasn't found anyone in his soul ... All in their time! It will be good, you will see!"

When he first came to me with Nadine, I felt a claw in my heart.

The girl was pretty, much younger than him and behaved very politely. However, as soon as she crossed the threshold, I had the impression that everything around me was freezing, and her grey eyes filled you with shivers.

Your future daughter-in-law looks pretty fake, Maggie, who happened to be present, told me after the young people left. Tell Richard to be careful with this girl!

I tried to defend Nadine, not out of conviction, but more to encourage myself:

"Don't get carried away by the first impression! The girl is young, shy, she cringed all the time she saw us. Let her adjust to me and we'll see what happens."

"I'll stick with my words! You better tell Richard to be careful!"

My friend's words strengthened my conviction that intuition had not deceived me: Nadine was not the right wife for my Richard, and as time went on, I had more and more evidence. I tried very gently to open Richard's eyes, but he cut me short.

"Mom, don't get me wrong but you're not able to give me such advice, she's the girl I want to grow old with!"

The wedding was done with great resplendence, and my daughter-in-law was not stingy when it came to the bride's toilet. And why would he have been stingy when everything was paid for by Richard?! Her parents were low-income people, and Nadine, though she had finished high school for several years, claimed she had not found a job all this time.

Stay tuned for part 2!