To reach his heart, I put him in the hospital! - part 1

To reach his heart, I put him in the hospital! - part 1

It is said that it is not good to get into people's lives. Michael, however, stepped in. And, as usual, that turned on him. I convinced myself once again: love has its ways. Michael, the one I want to tell you about, is my fiancé and future husband, a well-made 28-year-old man, intelligent, but a bit shy by nature and, for this reason, somewhat maladaptive and incomprehensible. But altruistic, very altruistic. I met him in the hospital after he woke up from the unconscious in which he was put after he met Big George's fist, a cousin of mine, a martial arts specialist, whom I had asked to help me to teach him a lesson. He, however, exaggerated, beating him until he left him unconscious and taking him to the hospital. When he woke up, I was there to sweeten his bitterness.

"Good morning, Michael, how are you? I asked him after the needles, he looked around and understood where he was. Are you ok?"

"My head hurts, my back hurts, my chest hurts and I can't feel my lower limbs!" he replied ironically, but jokingly at the same time, a sign that the suffering was not very acute. Otherwise, I feel great.

"Do you remember what happened? Do you know how you got here?" I tried to find out what he was left with after the hard experience he had been subjected to by my cousin.

"As far as I can remember, a guy snatched the phone from your hand, and I ran after him. I don't know more, but I know I feel like the train has hit me! he answered me after a few minutes of thinking. Who are you?"

"I'm Lyla, I extended her friendly hand over the white sheet. Let me tell you…"

Before I tell you what I told Michael, I find it appropriate to tell you how I got to that point, so that I can form an overview of what happened.

It all started with an unexpected event: the meeting with Dayana, a former high school classmate, with whom I had not spoken for a long time and about whom I knew nothing. I was in the central park, taking up my reading time when I found myself approached by a girl who seemed familiar to me, but I didn't know where to get it.

"Lyla? Layla Smith? What a beautiful surprise! she addressed me as she stretched out and hugged me fondly. I'm Dayana Morgan. You do not recognize me?"

"Dayana? Oh yes, of course, I recognize you! I exclaimed after remembering who she was. It's a really nice surprise. Sit on the bench, please, and tell me: how are you, Dayana?"

She sat down and we started talking. And, for two hours, we talked. We told each other everything we had been through since we hadn't seen each other: personal things, professional ambitions and, especially, sentimental relationships. And related to this chapter I was going to find out something that amused me terribly, namely how she met her boyfriend, Silvio:

"I was moving without paying attention to anything around me, buttoning the phone, when I noticed that someone snatched it from my hand and start to run away like a rabbit. Surprised, in the first phase, I did not react. Then, as soon as I woke up, I started shouting, “Thief! Catch the thief! He stole my phone!” Then, alerted by my screams, a young man broke away from the crowd and ran after him. He caught him on the street corner, knocked him to the ground and took the phone, which he returned to me immediately.

"And that young man is Silvio? Or am I wrong?" I interrupted her, eager to find out the end of the story.

"You are not wrong. For his deed, I thought of making up for it by inviting him to a coffee!" she confirmed to me. And that's how we got engaged, and we've been together ever since.

"Wonderful coincidence! You were saved by the one who was meant for you"! I concluded, really excited by what I heard. A new proof that, if it is to be, love finds a way.

The discussion lasted, which is why we moved to a chic place, where we continued to tell a lot of things to each other as if we were best friends. When he wanted to know my emotional state, I revealed to him that I was alone, I was not attached to anyone, which was perfectly true. Then we moved on to our former colleagues, a chapter that interested us both equally.

Although she didn't know much about most of them, Dayana still had the phone numbers of Ivy and Simone, two other good friends of mine from high school, nice girls, with whom I had unfortunately lost touch and who I really missed. But as she and they frequented the same fitness room in the neighbourhood, they still met and, even if they had not become friends in the true sense of the word, they exchanged a word from time to time.

I was very pleased with what I found out, so I contacted both of them on the spot and set up a meeting with each of them. I can't wait to see them again, to find out what else they did. I had no idea what a colossal surprise the reunion with them would entail and what repercussions it would have on my destiny…

"Layla, I'm so glad to see you again!" You have not changed at all! exclaimed my former colleague Ivy at the first meeting in the series of the ones I was going to have in the next period.

"The joy is mutual, dear!" I assured her because I really love seeing her again. How are you, what is now in your life? Is everything okay?

"Well, I'm fine! I'm in love! I met a special guy, Sammy, who totally fulfils me! she caressed herself like a puppy left under the mistress's blanket. But see the interesting phase, as we met!"

"How, Ivy? I asked her curiously, not anticipating her answer in any way. Tell me everything, I'm eager to hear!"

"Well, Layla, I was walking through the park one day, with my eyes on the phone, when someone snatched it from my hand and started running like crazy. Frightened, I started shouting: “The thief! Catch the thief! He stole my phone!” Hearing my screams, a young man chased after him, caught up with him and stripped him of my phone, which he returned to me immediately. To be nice, I invited him to a coffee, and since then Sammy and I, as he is called, have been together. What do you say?"

"What to say? I've never heard of such a thing!"I lied shamelessly, unable to believe what I heard because her story was identical to Dayana's.

Separating from Ivy, I went home, absolutely amazed, wondering if the two had talked and plotted to make fun of me with that similar story. But I banished this thought from my mind when I remembered that they were not really friends and I concluded that it had been a simple coincidence. After the meeting with Simone, however, I would realize that it was not a coincidence at all.

"Lyla, I'm sorry to find out that you don't have anyone in your life, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm involved in a beautiful, lasting relationship! my friend told me after I had talked about the usual things, such as health, work or passions and I had moved on to the sentimental ones."

No problem, my dear, it just wasn't going to happen but I have confidence in the future! I replied with a nostalgic thrill about the loves I had and lost over time. But I do not despair, I am young: if it is to be, love finds a way. Now tell me about him.

"Liam, as my boyfriend is called, is a handsome and brave guy, whom I met after a street incident! Simone replied amusedly, awakening in me a shrill sensation of déjà vu. I was on the boulevard, deep in a telephone conversation. Suddenly, a stranger rushed past me, took my cell phone and ran away."

Stay tuned for part 2!