To reach his heart, I put him in the hospital! - part 2

To reach his heart, I put him in the hospital! - part 2

"Really? I narrowed my eyes in astonishment, and I didn't pretend. And what did you do?"

"What should I do, Lyla? In the first instance, I panicked and froze. Then I recovered and managed to shout: “The thief! Catch the thief! He stole my phone!” Incredibly, a young man ran after the fugitive and did not give up until he reached him. He obstructed her, and the thief fell, dropping his phone. He picked it up and handed it back to me, and I thanked him for a coffee. Since then, we are inseparable. What do you say?

What more could I say? That it was the third time in a few days that I heard this story? He wouldn't have believed it. I could hardly believe it. But, as it turned out, it was true. But no matter what anyone said, it couldn't be a coincidence. It was clear that there was a pattern that someone, one and the same person, strictly followed in order to open the door to the girls. But who?

Although at first glance it seemed airtight, in the end, the mystery would prove much easier to unravel, then I remembered that all three girls frequented the same gym. It was clear that that was the common denominator.

Going to the gym, it was not difficult for me to discover that the three boys were also subscribing there, and then I realized: each of them had set eyes on one of the girls, but had not found a way to get closer yes to impress them.

So, they had used Michael, who was their friend, as I would find out later, and he had agreed to help them stick to the girls.

How were they doing? They staged some formal robberies, in which Michael snatched the phones from the girls' hands, and the boy "intervened", caught the thief and recovered the device. In this way, practices morally forced them to reward the boys' effort, initiating the act of mutual knowledge, the first step on the path of love. The rest tied itself to a coffee, as the facts showed. Interesting, isn't it? And what's more interesting is that not being appropriate between them, none of the girls had suspected anything.

But I, who had talked about everything, had discovered the scheme and, normally, I wanted to find out who was the one who had assumed the role of "Cupid".

So, as I told you, I went to the gym a few times and watched the three of them until I found out who they had in common: a tall, satin guy with a warm face and a gentle word, contrasting flagrant with imposing stature.

A guy I found out was named Michael, who had made a good impression on me and whom I intended to hang on to with the pattern they had used.

"George, so did you understand what to do? Don't kill him, just touch him a little, so I have reason to take care of his wounds, then run away. Yes?" I asked my cousin after we devised the plan of attack together. Don't forget that I like the way the guy looks, and please don't break his beautiful face…

"Yes, Lyla, it's clear to me: you go in front of him, I snatch your phone, you scream for help, and he will run after me!" my cousin proved to me that he had mastered the details of the action. "I get caught, then beat him a little and run away, giving him the chance to return your device. Correct?"

I nodded and proceeded to carry out the plan. I waited for Michael to leave the room, I stood in front of him and George in the back, and I did what I set out to do.

Everything went perfectly, except for the fact that George exaggerated with the blows, leaving Mihai lying on the sidewalk. And that's how I got to his hospital bed, asking him how he was feeling and telling him what had happened.

"So, you noticed that I helped my friends stick to the girls they liked!" he proved to me that he understood everything. Interesting. I don't understand, however, why this bothered you. After all, it was something constructive, positive.

"You're right, but even so it seemed strange to me, if not really out of place, to get into the destinies of strangers. Who are you, Cupid? So I wanted you to feel how it is on your skin! I explained to him why I had done what I had done. Are you mad at me?"

"I'm upset, but you could reconcile me! he smiled at me as much as the bandage on his head allowed, as he looked at my harmonious body. What is your name? Lyla? Nice name…"

Obviously, I reconciled Michael in two times and three movements, the physical strengths that nature endowed me with and the personal charm helping me in this regard. And after the discharge, we continued to see each other, because we liked and attracted each other.

After less than a month, we became lovers, and after another seven he asked me to be his wife. I accepted with an open heart, and that's how we prepare for the wedding now. Michael played Cupid but ended up being shot by him. As I said, love has its ways.

the End