Top 4 Fetishes Around the World

Top 4 Fetishes Around the World

In a recent survey in a British national newspaper, it was discovered that one in three people have a fetish in one shape or another. We have taken the opportunity to discuss it with the users of and ask them what their most popular kinks are and why these fetishes have gained popularity over the last 20 years. We have compiled a list of the top 4 fetishes and endeavour to explain what these fetishes entail in layman's terms and what different levels of indulgence they take, please be warned some descriptions can be quite graphic.

The dictionary definition of fetish is a need or desire for an object, body part, or activity for sexual excitement or a strong or unusual desire for something. The word fetish has been used since the 17th century, and only in the 20th century, it has been used in its current form. In days gone by, fetishes have had an unfair stigma attached to them that has been eroded over time as more and more people have found that sexual gratification is not only attained by fundamental sexual practices and have had more of an open mind towards more varied and unusual ways to achieve their sexual desires. It takes a certain amount of trust in your partner to truly enjoy your personal fetish whether it be discretion, no one wants their sexual preferences made public, following set limits using keywords et cetera, or that their fetish will pull them closer together not push them apart, that is the reason why a fetish should be shared by both partners who practice it not just one. So sit back and strap in as we guide you through the wonderful and sometimes weird world of fetishes.


Bondage, Discipline / Domination, Submission / Sadism, Masochism

Since 2011 and the release of 50 shades of Grey, the interest in BDSM has increased exponentially. In the book the protagonist is involved in a sexual relationship with a young businessman who in an erotic tale introduces her and the reader to the world of BDSM, the author described the book as an answer to her midlife crisis writ large. It has been condemned for confusing BDSM with abuse. BDSM has piqued the interest of millions of middle-aged women and their partners, bringing the fetish world into the mainstream. According to a study by the journal of sex research, 47% of women and 60% of men have at some time fantasized about dominating someone sexually, while a higher percentage of women and a smaller percentage of men have fancied being dominated by a partner.

While at one end of the spectrum of BDSM is the gentle use of a silk scarf tied around the hands or wrists of a partner, using a blindfold to obscure the senses, tickling or being tied to the bedposts, besides maybe slapping the arse of the submissive participant. It is not about pain but more about dominance such as demanding to be called sir or madam and responding to stringent commands when told to, this added to role-play (which we will discuss later) is a sensual experience that together delights and stimulates sexually.

The other end of the spectrum is more specialized sometimes involving a wide array of equipment, and it can become an expensive obsession with different categories such as restraints, physical stimulation, and even furniture, these include** gags, hoods, chastity devices, ropes, shackles, a humbler, harnesses, cock rings, cuffs, clamps, corsets, chains, hooks, locks, bars, butt plugs, yokes, tapes, whips, paddles, hoists, stocks, racks, and slings** to name but a few. We asked a BDSM aficionado how his love of the genre affects his relationship with his submissive wife, he explains how they came to enjoy the genre and what it entails. “ The funny thing is, my wife wasn’t always submissive. When we first started dating and having sex, we were just like any other couple you meet. There were no Sub/Dom undertones at all. In fact I often found her closed off when it came to sex. 

She wasn’t averse to trying new things, but she also wasn’t the one to bring them up or offer any initiative. I guess I should have assumed these were early signs of her preferring the submissive role. It took quite a lot of talking and open and honest (and supportive) communication before she was willing to admit that she got especially horny when I was more dominant. Hearing that was like music to my ears. Once I realized that she enjoyed being controlled, I got so much more turned on and so much more intense and imaginative in bed. Gradually, not wanting to intimidate her, I started changing in the bedroom. I would order her to do something for me, manhandle her, even tie her up to our bedposts. She responded incredibly well to all of these – she’d get so wet and eager – and we started having fun during sex as we’ve never had before. This submissive trait was always inside my wife; she just needed the right guy to confide in and to bring it out of her. Now it’s something that is a massive turn-on to her, and I feel like a real man.

While Dubai domination escorts have a distinct controlling quality about them, it’s not only about that. Following our first steps into the BDSM world, my wife and I have included some aspects of it outside the bedroom as well. But you never want to cross the line and become a manipulative, abusive partner. BDSM is the complete opposite of that. The key thing here is trust. My wife trusts me with her body, her pleasure, and her life, and I, in turn, trust her as well. Our Dom/Sub dynamics only strengthened the bond between us and elevated our relationship to a whole new level. To make sure you are not overstepping boundaries and that you and your partner are still enjoying the role-play, you need to talk to each other. As I mentioned before, communication is the cornerstone of a healthy BDSM relationship. Frequently check in with your sub and see where they’re at mentally and how your role-playing is affecting their libido and their lifestyle. If it’s nothing but positive, then carry on. The best part of having a submissive partner is sex. This isn’t really a surprise because the entire Sub/Dom concept is for people who are turned on by these roles to get what they need in bed. My wife knows I respect her and for that reason, she lets me do as I please. If anything, she loves when I really push her limits.

Over the years, we have developed a great dynamic. We talk about our ideas and fantasies and new things we want to include, and we make sure to voice our honest opinions. I am never going to do anything that hurts her or makes her miserable, and I would hate for her to be saying yes to something just because I am desperate for it. (Though some subs are okay with only sexually pleasing their partners, so you should also discuss that.) Once we get to the bedroom and amp up the Sub/Dom roles, pretty much anything goes. (Anything we have previously agreed on, that is.) 

The sex isn’t always outrageously wild. It can be relatively slow, with just her roped up or tied to the bed. There are times I only use toys on her. Sometimes I order her to give me a blowjob while I’m watching a game on TV. But other times, we go all out. My wife loves spanking and nipple clamps, and we’ve also used butt plugs and beads that she wears for hours (sometimes even out of the house). I love praising her and telling her she’s good for me because that gets her wet so fast. To get to this place with your sub, all you need to do is be honest. I know I’ve said this many times in this post, but I can’t emphasize it enough. Honesty and communication are what get you mind-blowing BDSM sex”. We would like to thank our writer and his kinky wife for taking the time to educate others about their special relationship. For a varied selection of discreet BDSM escorts in Dubai, click here

As you will discover throughout this blog all fetishes as in life will have extremes, from a gentle tying of the wrists to a dungeon with racks, whips, and chains, so to gain a perspective you need to talk to various sources to completely understand them. As you reach the end of the spectrum, BDSM can be more about inflicting or receiving pain than about conventional sex. So it is important to be aware that every contributor to this article has stressed the importance that BDSM is consensual and not something that can be forced upon an unwilling partner, that would be morally wrong and possibly illegal. If pain is your thing, why not choose from our escorts in Dubai mistresses

Golden Showers (Urolagnia)

Golden showers, otherwise known as water sports or pee play, is a fetish that is enjoyed by more people than would readily admit, even as claimed by some former presidents. It is the act of urinating on or being urinated on by a sexual partner, and in some cases just watching someone relieve themselves. It is an acquired taste (sometimes literally.) In a recent survey for an American health magazine, they found that for 17% of respondents in the USA, it is their favourite kink. When we requested from our patrons their experiences of urolagnia, one of our subscribers Phil W described how he first gained an interest in water sports, this is what he told us.

I must have been 15 or 16 when I first got an inkling of what would become my love of golden showers. It was a hot summer afternoon, and I was at school, it had been a long day and maths was not my favourite subject. My teacher was an Irish Catholic who had been schooled by nuns so to say she was strict would be an understatement, she had already punished me by rapping my knuckles five times on each hand with a ruler in front of the class for not doing my homework a couple of days earlier, so I was full of resentment and trepidation towards her. As the class was about halfway through the hour-long lesson, I started to feel the need to pee I thought I could wait but as the pressure started to build on my bladder there was a feeling of discomfort that was beginning to become unbearable, I raised my hand tentatively,“ Miss can I go to the toilet? ” I asked in a timid voice from my seat on the back row of the class, before she could turn to answer me another two students raised their hands“ me as well miss”, they blurted out, even before she had a chance to respond I already knew what her answer would be, “no you will have to wait until the end of the class,” she said in a stern tone,“ but miss I'm desperate”, I quickly intimated but to no avail “you should have gone before we started, now you will just have to hold it in and that is the end of it”, the old witch screeched at me.

 Now I will never be quite sure if it was the humiliation of a few days earlier, my hormones running out of control, or just the teenage rebel inside me gone mad, but I thought screw you as I looked her straight in the eye and let go. At first just a small amount of the golden liquid escaped in a dribble, it warmed my crotch then as the stream became unstoppable it ran down my leg spreading through the man-made fibres of my school trousers, there was a comforting warm feeling and a strangely erotic sensation as my pee continued its journey past my thighs and knees down along my calves as gravity propelled it downwards over my shoes and socks and onto the floor forming a large yellow puddle at my feet. I was surprised by how comforting and pleasant it was, I found myself getting aroused while the lukewarm secretion soaked through my clothing. I just sat there almost in a haze until I became aware of the laughter coming from the desks surrounding me, spreading throughout the whole class as students pointed and exclaimed in shock that I had just wet myself on purpose right in front of everybody, still staring directly into the now stunned eyes of my teacher who frankly was for the first time was lost for words.

It was another 15 years till I was able to share my fetish without feeling embarrassed or ashamed, my then-girlfriend now wife was less hung up about her sexual desires than I was, and I was able to share this story with her and the feelings it inspired in me. We have been together for over 20 years, and it has become a regular part of our relationship. Where once I was ashamed of my fetish, I have now become more confident to share my experiences with other like-minded people.

We took the opportunity to talk to one of our Golden Shower escorts in Dubai, asking her about her client's requests and how she found out that she had a fetish for golden showers. The 25-year-old professional was happy to tell us that 25% of her clients request her to indulge in pee play, furthermore, she seemed content to narrate her initial dalliance into the fetish scene.

About seven years ago when I was in college I met a boy called Marcus, during the Christmas break we stayed in halls as my parents were away for the holidays, and he wanted to stay with me as he loved the sex, so he told his folks that he had to stay and study to make sure that he passed his midterm exams. As the dorms emptied for the holidays, we had the place to ourselves. One evening after sex we went to the communal toilets that only student dorms have to clean up just wearing a towel, I giggled as I followed him into the gents. He stood in front of the urinals holding his now limp cock aiming it against the porcelain “can I hold it for you”, I asked, he smiled and nodded. I took hold of his soft cock which was still covered in my pussy juice and I aimed it until he started to pee, and I could feel it his pee forcing along his penis and streaming out. I moved his cock from the urinal and let it splash across the wall and floor, splashing my feet in the process. “Oops I made a bit of a mess,” I said smiling,” there was no complaint from him. As the flow reduced to a dribble I rubbed my now pee soaked fingers over the head of his prick which was rapidly starting to grow into another full erection in my hand, dropping to my knees I took him into my mouth tasting the musky mix of urine and my pussy juices which were still on his cock I sucked every drop and greedily gobbled it down, I then stood and crouched in front of the same urinal bared my labia and released a stream of amber liquid, he dropped to his knees and watched me as I wet until my bladder had emptied, whereupon he gripped my arse and pulled my pussy towards his eager mouth, his tongue flicked and probed deep inside me as he gulped down my pee and pussy juice mix, I was hooked.


Role-Playing is the glue that joins together most fetishes it is a big part of BDSM but is a fetish in its own right, so even though it was voted third in our survey of fetishes by Escorts in Dubai it is actually top when you count its use in other kinks. It can involve an unlimited amount of different scenarios, doctor and nurse, teacher and student, slave and master to name just a few. After studying various publications we found certain scenarios came up time and time again, they were strangers at the bar, bored housewife and salesman, doctor and patient, boss and secretary, teacher and student, master and slave and, librarian and reader. We had many respondents to our inquiries and of course, escort and client came near the top, here is a story from Alex M about his personal fantasy and how he and his wife use role-playing to enhance their sex life.

My wife and I have been together for over 12 years, and although we have a very healthy sex life things had started to become a bit stale, doing the same things in the same positions year after year. She was by no means a prude, but she was so submissive I was always taking the lead in our love making, and we had tried most of the things that I wanted to try, and I had talked with her about a constant sexual fantasy of mine but let's face it there was no chance of a threesome as she can be quite possessive and was never in the mood for sharing, so finally I decided to ask her if there was any erotic role-play that she has ever wanted to try but has never had the bravery or opportunity to indulge in, well imagine my shock when she just out of nowhere told me that she had always had a thing about being attacked by a stranger while she was at home alone in bed and to be honest just the fact that she had taken the lead in what usually was my domain was so horny just by itself but that she chose something so intimate and contrasting to her personality was to say the least tantalizing it took me all of three seconds to agree to give it a try and suggested that we try it at the weekend when the kids would be staying over with their grandmother, and we could give it a go without any interruptions.

 I spent the entire week going through different scenarios we could play out on Saturday night, and as the week progressed the feeling of suspense increased till when it finally came around I just could not hold back the excitement any longer. When the evening finally arrived, I watched her take a long bath and then told her I was going out for a walk and that she should go to bed as I may be some time. I dressed in black pants, a black hoodie and took a dark balaclava with me as I left the house. I walked around for twenty minutes then returned to the house I saw that the curtains were slightly open, so I stood there and watched as she changed into a sexy little nightie which only came up to the top of her creamy thighs, I was already getting a bit hard just being a voyeur and the thought of making love to her only made it harder. Waiting till she went upstairs to bed and then quietly opened the back door which was unlocked closing it gently behind me, taking a long knife from the kitchen before passing through the hallway then I climbed the stairs carefully so as not to make a sound. My heart was beating faster and faster as I approached the bedroom door I put on my balaclava and turned the handle and crept in, as I lent over her, I took a brief moment to stare at the beauty of her face and her lithe sensuous body before I forced my hand down over her mouth, her eyes opened wide in panic, her pupils were large, she bit the palm of my hand viciously and pushed it away, it was at this moment I realized that I was going to have to do this more realistically as she wanted to play hard. 

I slapped her face quite hard then once again I forced my hand back across her mouth, this time with a ferocity that she would not be able to move, she squirmed on the bed as I pulled up her nightdress to reveal her shaved pussy as my hand moved towards her, she pulled back and writhed energetically avoiding my touch at every attempt I made to push my fingers to force open her now damp lips. I needed to change position, so I rammed my knee down on one arm and used my free hand to grab her other wrist leaving me one hand free to squeeze her large breasts before moving up and squeezing her face I took out the knife and placed it on her cheek“ Do as I say and if you fight me you die,” I said gruffly keeping the knife to her cheek as I dropped my trousers and pushed my rock hard cock to her mouth, she pursed her lips and rocked her head out of the way. “Suck it, babe, I demanded. She closed her eyes and her mouth opened deliberately, and I push forward with my pelvis as my erection was finally engulfed gripping the back of her head I pushed it down forcefully then pulled her head back increasing the speed as I made love to her mouth, I could feel her gag as it hit the back of her throat but instead of easing back like I would have normally done I continued to thrust hard into her mouth but wanting to make this last and not to shoot my load too early I took my cock out of her mouth, climbed off of her chest and lay flat on top of her, her legs slammed shut with no intention of them ever opening to me. First, one knee pushed apart her thighs slightly then the other and as I spread my knees her legs were compelled to open without a word I took the opportunity and slammed my hard prick into her now soaking wet vagina she tried so hard to stop me but with my hands gripping her wrists and my knees keeping her legs open she could not stop me from making love to her,

She wriggled and squirmed, and tried to throw me off, but she could not stop me from forcing myself in and out of her, faster and faster the rhythm increased growing into a crescendo, harder and deeper into her highly lubricated fanny until boom she orgasmed intensely she lost control of her body as my ejaculate shot up inside her and we both collapsed onto the bed kissing and caressing each other passionately as if to signify the end of the game. I do not think I have ever been left feeling so exhausted and bruised after sex with my wife and definitely, I have never felt so contented as I did that night, we have used different pole-plays since then, but that will always be my favourite.

There are so many situations that can be explored as virtually anything can be turned into sexy role-play, the only limit is your imagination. So what is it that the clients from our role-playing escorts in Dubai want from our role-playing escorts here in Dubai? We asked Sally B about her most popular play-acting sex scenes, and which was her favourite?

I have always found that men are always visually stimulated and women are mentally aroused, so there is not one man that I have met that is not turned on by the thought of a threesome with two women and, to be honest, it has always intrigued me too. On my 23rd birthday my boyfriend took me to a classy hotel in Dubai as a surprise, we went out for dinner, so I put on my sexiest dress with stockings but no panties knowing it would turn him on, and me as well, I love dressing up for him the sluttier, the better. So as we were seated at our table I took the opportunity and clasped his hand and moved it up my inner thigh resting it on my shaved pussy, he smiled at me taking his hand slowly away and gave his fingers a longing lick. God, I was horny and could not wait for the meal to be over, so we could go back upstairs and make love, so downing the last of my red wine we decided to skip dessert and head to our room.

 I noticed that he seemed to be constantly looking at his watch as we made our way along the corridor, and he opened the door to our room we stepped inside, I was about to take my dress off when he suddenly stopped me saying something about ordering room service for a bottle of champagne so to leave it on. So I sat on the bed, he came close and whispered in my ear to lie down as he opened the drawer next to the bed and produced 5 silk scarves. The first he tied around my left wrist and then to the leg of the bed and proceeded to work his way clockwise until all my limbs were secured, with the last one he folded it and blindfolded me with it. I don't know why but as soon as it went on my senses were incredibly heightened I could feel the breeze from the open window as it caressed my bare arms the sound of the romantic music he put on swam through the room, I tried to move my arms, but the scarves were tight enough to restrict my movement but not painful, but it did install a little panic as I really was not sure what he wanted to do.

 A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts a woman's voice called out “room service,” I struggled to free myself as the vision of me tied to the bed with my dress up above my thighs while this room attendant walked in, “just put it over there,” I heard him say, I could hear the chink of glass as she placed a bottle and glasses on the bedside table and then silence. It seemed like an age until I felt a gentle touch moving up my inner thigh fingers caressed my labia tenderly slowly opening me up and then resting on my clit they started to massage but softer and more intimate than my boyfriend had ever done there was no fumbling or rough rubbing just a flicker across my bud, now I got the sensation of warm sweet breath against my cheek and I drowned in the smell of expensive perfume, gentle lips kissed mine and as the buttons on my dress were opened one at a time those lips moved down kissing my neck then chest and rested on my by now hard nipples, biting softly as hands cupped my large breasts and moulded them, the other hand continued to open all the buttons on my dress till it was wide open exposing my naked body.

 It was a bit weird a total stranger was moving her mouth down over my taut belly easing towards my by now wet pussy, my back arched as her wet tongue separated my lips and delved inside me her fingers expertly manipulated my clitoris, I have never had oral sex that blew my mind like this, she was driving me crazy as her mouth lapped at my vagina applying more pressure, her hand pulled my gaping vagina open to increase my enjoyment, it seemed like an hour of constant probing until I could not take it any more my entire body convulsed and writhed with erotic pleasure, moaning as an incredible orgasm shook me again and again, By the time I recovered my composure there was silence once more as I felt my boyfriends hands untie me leaving the blindfold till last, I blinked as I became accustomed to the light until I was able to see my surroundings clearly once more and I eagerly searched the room with my gaze for the mystery woman who was by now gone. I have always imagined how she looked and how it most of appeared to my boyfriend, but as I said women are greatly aroused by their imagination not just the visual stimuli.

Sally has taken her experiences and used them to provide a professional service for her clients becoming one of our most requested escorts in Dubai. There are many high-class escorts to choose from who can each perform any classic role-play scenarios all that is lacking is your imagination to make your most intimate fantasies a reality, there are many sites that you can use to find that horny situation to indulge yourself and your partner with.


Like BDSM swinging has recently become a popular fetish of choice, though always part of the underground scene it has become a more acceptable kink especially in the last 20 years. In countries like Germany, France, and Spain, the number of swing clubs opening that is there purely for the enjoyment of couples and singles who are part of the swapping scene We have specialist bisexual Dubai escorts to take care of you and your wife at one of the many clubs which have more than doubled or tripled thus bringing it into the mainstream of fetish communities across the world. As with the previous fetishes that we have explored, swinging comes in many guises, wife swapping, (threesomes (MMF, FFM.) dogging, cuckold, group sex and gang bangs plus many more, each one has its own fans, and it is definitely not one size fits all. What was once the penchant of suburban parties for execs and their bored wives with a bowl of keys used to decide who they would be sleeping with that night, has evolved into groups of men in a country park masturbating over someone's wife as she sits in a car or men watching their wives with another man having sex. As complicated as these relationships are, they still make up our 4th as our Dubai duo escorts will testify

To discover what it is about the swinging scene that appeals to so many men and women, we asked John H from London, firstly why he enjoys joining his wife and another man having sex and a typical evening of pleasure entails. He was very open as we discussed what many men would consider distasteful and totally against their masculine nature.

“Straight off I would like to say that I love my wife deeply, we have been together for over thirty years, and never has my adoration for him diminished, it is this love that drives me to share her desires and join her in while she has sex with other men. I can see by your face that the question you want to ask is why? Well, the answer is quite easy as we have aged my wife's libido has actually grown tenfold as mine has decreased, so to answer your question in the simplest manner I just can't keep up with her. If she had her way we would have sex nine or ten times a day and that is not achievable for me any more, but I don't see why she should suffer because of me.”

We then asked him to tell us of a typical encounter and what it usually entails, this is the story he told us. I remember one time after we had placed an advert in a swinger magazine we got a call from a young man maybe in his early twenties who was very keen to visit us for the evening, and after we had spoken, and he sent us a photo we agreed to meet the following weekend at our house as we always feel safer at home. My wife was clearly excited as the day approached, planning what to wear as I set the living room up with two large mattresses covered in white sheets in front of the open fire. Turning down the dimmer switch to heighten the mood my wife changed into stockings without panties (her favourite) a see-through blouse and a short skirt before reclining on the sofa in anticipation of his arrival she was really horny and could not stop touching herself, as the doorbell rang loudly she pulled down her skirt and winked at me cheekily, I stood up and went to the door to be greeted by a tall slim handsome young man who was about half my age, he politely introduced himself I shook his hand and led him into the lounge “this is my wife,” I said as I presented her to him “this is mark,“ I told her.“ Would you like a drink mate,” I offered“ yes that would be nice thank you,” he replied, I was about to leave them alone, it makes our guests less self-conscious when we start if I am not looking over their shoulders as she gets started as I turned to leave the room I could see him looking at her well-formed tits through her transparent top then she opened her legs to reveal her bald pussy,“Do you want to have sex with me?¨ she asked unashamedly, he just nodded slightly taken aback by her abruptness. 

He stepped forward with the now growing bulge presented to her at face level just as I span to go to the kitchen and get drinks I clearly heard his zip being pulled down and a gasp from my wife which I knew meant that he had an impressively big cock I deliberately took a couple of minutes to pour our three large brandies putting them on a tray before returning. I opened the door to see the young stud buried up to his nuts in my wife, his arse pumping up and down as she had her head thrown back tightly gripping his shoulders and moaning

As his thick long cock slid in and out.“ try not to come inside her,” I implored him as it would get very sloppy later. “No problem, mate,” he breathlessly replied. I watched as his strokes got faster and faster until he grabbed his cock, pulled it out of her wet fanny, and shot a jet of sperm across her fantastic tits before falling back onto the settee with his trousers still wrapped around his ankles. I smiled, knowing that this was just the beginning and that she would demand much, much more from both of us. Reaching forward and passed him his drink, he thanked me and sat back and relaxed, passed my wife hers then I sat in the armchair and took a large gulp of mine.

 My wife took a swig of hers placed her glass on the table close by then strolled across the floor to me, kneeling as she did she placed her hand on my bulge and languidly unzipped my trousers freeing my now semi erect penis, as she stroked me I could feel the blood starting to flow making me harder, then she traced her tongue around my bell end circling around the head before her mouth opened wide, and she engulfed my cock until it touched her throat closing her lips as her head rose up and down before I could even think about coming she took my hand so that I stood up and started to remove my cloths and hers so that we were all now naked and laid me down on the mattresses climbing on top of me gripping my cock tightly and steering me inside her as she moved her hips up and down along the full length of my rod her head turned towards her younger lover, and she beckoned him to join us, as I was screwing her she sucked on his penis to get him hard again which did not take much time and once he was fully erect she guided him behind her before dipping her fingers into a jar of lubricant and smeared it all over her anus dipping her fingers inside her anus, he knew instantly what she wanted him to do and dipped down behind her as she pushed down on my cock I could feel his large prick forcing itself inside her as we were only separated by her perineum, we made love to her in unison keeping the same rhythm as she gasped each time she pushed down on the two of us until finally he pulled out of her and returned to her face cumming in her mouth as she sucked his wood. I pulled out and shot my ejaculate across her arse where his fat prick had just been. Completely satisfied, 

As I lay back, panting as my hot wife got him erect again and screwed him non-stop for the next hour without pausing. That night we all slept in the same bed, my wife in the middle, and just before I passed out exhausted I could feel her sucking his cock one more time... So as you can see, John was happy to show support for his wife and still feel involved in her sexual desires. It takes a very special type of person and a strong relationship formed on trust to not only survive, but to blossom under those conditions. If you are looking for a special escort to take with you to a swinging event in Dubai, here is a one-click answer to your search. As with all fetishes the way you enter into the world of swinging is so important, if it is an enjoyable experience then it will be a lifelong kink, but the opposite will happen if it is forced or unnatural, so guiding your partner is essential. Our last contributor Mark B fell into swinging by complete accident.

It was a works Christmas party, it was being held uptown, so my girlfriend and I had booked a room at the hotel the event was to be held at. Working in sales, the office was full of characters and the parties were generally a drug and alcohol befuddled mess. It was a black-tie, so I had my tuxedo dry-cleaned, and my girlfriend Carla was wearing a sexy red evening dress that had plenty of cleavages and a long slit up the side giving an ample view of her long legs. I felt like James Bond as we walked arm in arm to the function room, the lights were low, and a band was playing covers of the latest hits. I looked around the busy bar to see a friendly face only to meet the glance of Claire one of the new salespeople that had arrived a few months earlier she smiled I took my girlfriend by the hand and led her over to join my workmate and her date for the evening she introduced him as Emmanuel he was an old workmate of my partners, who had come over from the Israel office especially for the party we got on like a house on fire Claire was funny and chatty and Emmanuel was confident and charming, so after we took advantage of the free bar and the numerous party gifts being lined up in the toilets lets just say we were in the mood to party so as the night wound down we invited them back to our room to finish off the bottle of cognac that I had been given as a Christmas gift. They accepted happily. When we got to the room I took out four glasses from the cupboard and pour a generous amount of alcohol in each one we sat on the bed talking and laughing, 

I had my arm resting on Carla's leg gently stroking her thigh with my nails as we chatted slowly moving my hand higher and higher I pulled her towards me, and we kissed and fell back on the bed in an embrace. I was so horny rubbing myself against my girlfriend, completely forgetting that we had company and in truth not caring. I unzipped her dress and she slipped it off leaving her in just her bra and very skimpy knickers her breasts were small but firm, and I freed them from her bra, removed her panties, and then caressed his hard nipples. It was at this point that I realized that they were also going at it next to us, I looked over to see Claire was naked except for her stockings, fascinated by her large tits I continued to watch as my girlfriend unbuttoned my shirt and unzipped my trousers freeing my hard cock and throwing my boxer shorts on the floor next to the bed in unison both Emmanuel and I manoeuvred our partners onto their backs and began to kiss those beautiful trimmed pussies all the time I kept glancing over at Claire's plump body as she writhed on the bed. Emmanuel motioned to me“ Do you want to swap?” he asked impishly. 

I looked down at Carla she smiled sheepishly, and I took it to mean that she was comfortable with it so standing we changed places and then returned to my knees but this time with Claire's plump thighs now open in front of me. Her pussy lips were large and moist as I moved my tongue gently teasing her labia as her hand ruffled my hair and stroked my face I could hear Carla moaning next to me and I found it so erotic I moved back onto the bed and laid down, so Claire could suck my engorged cock she clasped the stem of my prick lowered her head and slipped her red lips down the shaft. I did not want to make comparisons, but she could take me so deep into her welcoming much deeper than my girlfriend could, and as her head bounced up and down her massive tits swung like two giant pendulums. I just wanted to be inside her now, so rolling her over onto her back I placed her legs on my shoulders and pushed myself into her warm wet pussy, I could feel her inviting me in then gripping tightly around my prick. The bed was like a small earthquake as Emmanuel and I made love to each other's partners, the moaning increased to a level that was surely keeping the room next door awake, just before I climaxed I pulled out of her, and she leaned forward and once again started to suck me until my load shot into her mouth and straight down her greedy throat until it was all gone. Claire smiled at me and licked her lips and kissed me one more time just as Emmanuel came over Carla's bush, we collapsed in a heap of sweaty bodies on the bed and returned to our regular pairing we cuddled up with our partners and fell asleep

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