Top 5 Sex positions for Escorts in Dubai

Top 5 Sex positions for Escorts in Dubai

Well you have chosen your special Dubai escort from, well why not take a few moments before she arrives to find out the 5 top popular sexual positions which will enable you to greatly enhance your experience with one of the most exotic women in the UAE.

Long gone are the days of just the missionary position as your only option, although there is a certain intimacy of being face to face looking into each other eyes, but there are many alternatives that will increase the sensitivity and satisfaction for both you and your high class escort here in Dubai.

A recent survey for a men's magazine found that after only a couple of years of a relationship that sex can be limited to just 2 or 3 positions as sex becomes more comfortable than exciting. To master many styles of advanced movement will not only spice up any lagging relationship but will also impress a new sexual partner, she will not only be dazzled with your prowess and experience but will also be left with a level of satisfaction that she has never experienced before so forget about the old reliable missionary position for once and stretch out in preparation as a few yoga skills might come in handy later when we get to some of the more advanced sexual positions that we recommend for your tryst with an escort in Dubai.

The Cow Girl
There are as many opinions on which sexual position is best as there are stars in the sky but out of all the different stories and surveys that we researched for this article there was one that came up again and again that was the cowgirl, it is a very easy position to become familiar with as it basically involves you laying on your back and being mounted with you Dubai escort facing you and as the name suggests riding you like a horse.

There are many theories about why it has become the most popular way of copulation, that it gives you extra penetration, that it gives a lot more control to the female as she is on top and can direct the speed and rhythm of the whole encounter, but personally I think that its popularity comes from the fact that the man has to do very little of the work and can just lay back and enjoy himself without having to be exhausted, a sort of lazy man's sex position, even better put a pillow under your back which not only augments penetration but makes it even more comfortable as well.

As a bonus there is also the reverse cowgirl you can give it a try, there seems to be a bit of confusion with some journalist saying the man is on top others say the female does the riding our definite definition is that for the guy to be on top except in gay sex would be so hard because of the acute angle that would mean almost bending your penis back on itself which is not painful it would be at least uncomfortable for both people involved, so I prefer the other example of her riding you but looking the other way or down at her feet

which is the same as the original position, but your escort in Dubai faces away from you that will make your penis more sensitive due to the angle that it goes in at and the direction of the thrusts unlike what I call the reverse cowboy that was what the other columnists were describing earlier, it gives you a very good view of her backside while you enter her as she rises and falls on your lap, once again it is a classic position to squeeze the big boobs of a luscious Dubai escort.

Doggy Style
Another classic comes in second in our compilation of favourite styles of copulation with the Dubai escorts of, In this one where the man gets to take control of the situation it is a very easy position to engage in as the woman kneels on the bed and the man mounts her from behind, one again it increases penetration, but this time leaves the man to hold sway of speed and depth as well as it gives you a perfect opportunity to watch as her big breasts swing like pendulums as you cup them from behind, maybe a big booty Dubai escort would be perfect for this scenario as you not only get that extra bit of comfort for your ride but a fantastic view as well.

There is an alternative called the lazy dog (you can see a pattern forming here, can't you?) As with doggy style you take her from behind but to add a twist you are both laying down like a missionary position but with the girl laying face downwards that leaves the man maintaining domination of the situation while giving a little more support for tiring limbs this can be the perfect way to put on a bit of a grand finale with your legs outside hers you can tighten her vagina by squeezing your legs tightly so that her lavish thighs are constricted by yours and gives your lover a more sensitive and erotic climax, stimulating her labia clitoris and g spot. Such a refreshing change from the original doggy style because it is more intimate and has greater pleasure rating than the classic experience.

Sitting on the Throne
For this position you will require some props namely a chair for you to sit on while your stunning Dubai escort sits on top of you but facing away, much like with the reverse cowboy sitting on the throne allows you ample opportunity to give your big breasted Dubai escort a good fondle while having the comfort that a more upright posture gives you. You will certainly feel like you are a king with your role-playing escort in Dubai sitting on your throne. Another position that gives you greater penetration and control and is always best accompanied by a little gyrating and twerking by any of our lovelies, and let's face it, every king needs a queen to sit on his throne. Some people think that the reason this position is so in demand is that if you can sit in a chair then you will be very able to practice this style of fornication with a low level of difficulty and as the woman does the work it has a very good energy rating as well. There is an alternative to this one where you use the edge of the sofa to sit on, and she sits facing you so that she can wrap her legs around your waist, which gives you greater intimacy and allows you a kiss and a cuddle while you make love.

The 69 position
Yes, the old classic makes our top 5 in at 4th place. Although it would be vigorously denied by a certain ex-president Bill Clinton, the 69 sex position is a valid form of sexual pleasure and as it is 4th on our list of the top sexual positions by, it is obviously very popular with everyone. Once thought of just as a starter before the main course, the 69 has always signified warming up an OWO (oral without) Dubai escort and getting yourself in the mood before having full intercourse, but it is also perfect for slowing down the situation if things get too heated quickly or by helping to maintain an erection while you get your second wind, whichever it is the 69 is always useful when you book an extra-balls Dubai escort whom with you can ejaculate more than one time in each session, so you can have a 69 to get yourself and your kinky Dubai OWO escort (oral without) aroused again before carrying on to go for it a second time, helping you to once again to be fully erect, and you have reenergized and got your second wind to copulate once again.

The Standing count
You had better of had a workout before you attempt this one, The standing count involves you both being upright either facing each other which can be tricky to penetrate especially if she is taller than you or wearing high heels maybe if you are quite short you should bring a box to stand on just in case, or you can be stood behind your Dubai escort taking her from behind while she leans forward opening her legs to accommodate you.

It is a good way to finish your tryst, but not a position that you can maintain for a long period of time without your legs getting wobbly. For those of you who go to the gym and can lift weights why not try picking her up griping her arms as she wraps her legs around your waist as you physically lift her up and down on your manhood but as I mentioned earlier no one for the uninitiated as it is high energy value and has been known to throw a lesser man's back out perhaps if she leaves one leg on the floor to start of with might be a good idea and we at take no responsibility if you do.

There are a few positions that need to be mentioned in despatches, the first is spooning another low impact position in which you embrace your escort in Dubai from behind spooning her without needing to support yourself with your arms so that your hands are free to discover her body as you have intimate sex, also there is the yab-yam with a high difficulty level that keeps this sexual position just out of the top 5,it involves the man sitting on the bed with his legs crossed as if he is in meditation, then an escort in Dubai sits on top of him facing in his direction.

According to one source it stops a man from thrusting away indiscriminately as it is hard to move your hips and still hold your partner in position, so it makes it a more intimate experience and lastly there is one for the people who like to wear yoga pants entitled the criss-cross as one researcher describes it, it is like if you imagine two pairs of scissors opened up with their middles meeting with each other if you can visualize this then she puts one leg on your shoulder while the other leg is under your body while you do the same with her and hope that your hamstrings hold out on you. There you have it, not an easy one to master, but it has a very high satisfaction level which makes it well worth a try.
So there we have your top 5 sexual positions just in time for 2022, all that you need to do now is to wait patiently for one of our Escorts in Dubai to get to you and put theory in practice, most of our playmates are practising yoga and go to the gym to stay fit, so they will have no problem if you are looking for something more advanced, but you know that, whichever position you select you cannot go wrong with having one of our fantastic professional women take care of your needs and desires. You can find more articles here, and if you would like something more in depth to read, there are many interesting articles like this one. We hope that you have enjoyed our start to 2022 and will be entertained by our stories and articles throughout the new year.