Until I was 28, I kept my virginity for the man I loved - part 1

Until I was 28, I kept my virginity for the man I loved - part 1

Ever since I saw him, I have felt that he is the chosen one. And I told him. He thought I was a child because I was just an 8-year-old girl when he was 18 years old. But I was serious. I promised to wait until the age difference didn't matter, and I did. Twenty years later, I became his wife.

I'm Emma Vincent, from a small town near Glasgow and recently I moved to Dubai with the love of my life, I'm 30 years old and I work as a secretary in a construction company, owned by my husband, Adam.

I lead a quiet life, I am loved, happy and fulfilled, and that's because I had patience and waited my turn for happiness.

If I had been in a hurry, I might have married someone wrong. So, I took Adam, the ideal husband.

It was worth the wait.

The meeting with Adam was a providential one, which seemed to take place not in this world and in this life, but in a parallel existence - so distant in time it is. Because it happened, twenty years ago, when I was just an 8-year-old child, and he was an 18-year-old teenager.

"Adam, know that I love you and I want to marry you!" I declared it to my beloved on the day he informed me that he was leaving.

"You are very nice and cute, Eli" - that's how he caresses me, "Eli - and you are dear to me, but you are still a child and you don't know what love is!" he replied, smiling indulgently, as he stroked my forehead with a warm, almost parental gesture.

"I know, Adam! I know you are the best and most beautiful boy I have ever seen!" I boldly contradicted him, because that's exactly how I felt in my heart. And even if you think you're too big for me now, I'll tell you it won't look the same later.

"They, there is a difference of ten years between us, and I would always stay!" he tried, still smiling amused by my naivety, to enlighten me. You will never be able to catch up with me.

"That's right, but it won't matter. One is the difference between 8 and 18 years, and another between 18 and 28 or between 28 to 38!" I explained to him, as an adult, how I saw things. You will see! The years will pass, I will grow up and I will show you that it is so, as I say!

We were at the head of the main street of the town where we lived with my family and where Adam had come to spend part of his summer vacation with his grandparents. Otherwise, he lived in the city, with his parents and his sister, Madeline, a nice girl, three years older than me, whom I would meet sometime later, when I went after Adam, with the intention of flirting and seducing him. Until then, however, some time would pass.

The second time I met Adam was in five years, not long after my first period and, biologically speaking, I had left the category of child and entered that of women. Like last time, he had come on vacation accompanied by some colleagues - he was attending the courses of the second faculty - and he stayed for a week, during which time I saw him a few times, always in passing. Once, however, I motioned for him to stop and said.

"Adam, I grew up, I'm not a girl anymore!"

"Be healthy! I'm glad for you, Eli" - he addressed me like a child - what has this got to do with me? he replied in a tone that was meant to be serious, but which was actually sagacious. I'm an adult, you're a minor…

"That's it for now… Later, though, we'll both be adults!" I smiled at him candidly, but at the same time provocatively. And then you will see!

Hearing my words, Adam burst out laughing, then left without saying anything, a sign that he didn't take me seriously. In myself, however, I felt that he still took me seriously. Something of his nature had been switched to accepting the idea of my presence in his life.

Only he didn't realize it yet. This thing would change, however, when I met him again, after another five years, shortly after I turned 18.

I was at the local bar, enjoying a mojito with my colleagues, celebrating the coming of age, when I noticed him getting out of his car big as a tank.

I immediately got up from the table and went out to meet him, adopting a provocative gait, which highlighted my firm thighs, and displaying a superior air, which highlighted my imperial chest.

Because I have to tell you, I was no longer a girl, I was a young lady in all aspects, and not just any girl, but a very sexy and appetizing one. No false modesty and no exaggeration!

"Adam, what a beautiful surprise!" I was really wondering when you were going to stop by! I greeted him with my most seductive smile. I missed you…

"I notice you didn't give up the crazy thought of your childhood, Eli!" he remarked as he measured me from head to toe. And, to be honest, I have to admit that you look better and better…

"Well, didn't I tell you that in a few years the difference between us won't matter?" I reinforced his words as I winked at them. A little more and we will form the perfect pair…

Like last time, Adam said nothing but smiled and left, but this time turning his head and looking behind him. I liked this, it fulfilled my feminine pride and gave me wings for what would come next.

Because I had a plan of my own, namely to go to the city unexpectedly, to Adam, and to court him in the most direct way possible: not to give him time to think, not to have any chance to resist. Unfortunately, this was not at all agreed upon by my parents.

"Emma, I don't know why you have an obsession with this man, but I know two things I don't like at all! my mother scolded me in one of the existential discussions I had more and more often after I became a major. First that he is ten years older than you, and then that you have no certainty that he likes you. And then? Then what are you waiting for?"

"Your mother is right, my father got involved. Isn't it a shame to waste your best years running after green horses on the walls, when other girls are having fun and living their lives as naturally and wonderfully as possible? Give Adam over and look for a serious boy your age!"

"Be calm, Dad, I'm having enough fun, even if I don't lie down with all the boys in the area like other girls do! I returned it to him just as briefly. If I have decided to keep my caste and virgin for Adam, then this is exactly what I will do! And that's the end of the matter, okay?"

To my satisfaction, the parents did not insist, although it did not suit them how the discussion ended.

And somewhere I understood them: from what had been heard in our small town, Adam, who in the meantime had become a successful entrepreneur, had combined with Dolores, a girl with rich parents in Glasgow, fat and strong, and this significantly decreased my chances to combine with him.

Stay tuned for part 2!