Until I was 28, I kept my virginity for the man I loved - part 2

Until I was 28, I kept my virginity for the man I loved - part 2

However, I was not discouraged, because I knew that no matter what he did, I had my chance.

Determined to play it to the end, I gathered all my courage and, after another five years since we had last met, I went to his house.

"Emma, I'm glad to meet you. I heard interesting things about you from Adam! Mirela, who opened the door for me, spoke politely to me. Here we go!"

"The pleasure is mutual, Evelyn! I replied to his sister, as I shyly entered and rolled my eyes. But Adam is not home?"

"It's not, but it's better that way! she took me by the shoulders as friendly as possible, a sign that she liked me. This way we can talk calmly, like girls…"

The discussions with the sister of the man I adored could only delight me and feed my hopes.

According to her, Adam had no serious relationship, the combination that had been heard about in our small town, the one with fat Dolores, being nothing but one of many others, all just as superficial, specific to lonely men.

All in all, it was as I said: I had my chance, and I played it as soon as Adam appeared.

"Surprise! If you haven't been through your birthplace, I've come to you. How are you?"

I asked him as I measured him from top to bottom, looking at him insistently without embarrassment. "You missed me?"

"Of course, how else!" he answered me half sober, half playful. "You just know I'm constantly thinking about you. But, how are you?"

I came to reaffirm my matrimonial availability! I replied, laughing naively, as I discreetly grabbed his arm. What do you say, I've grown enough, am I big enough for you?

"Yeah, I didn't think I'd ever say that, but you were right Eli!" he smiled contentedly as he undressed me with his eyes. "Now the difference between us no longer seems to be so huge."

"And then, what are you waiting for?" Or does the fact that we come from different social classes hold you back? I forced the note, aware that I was on a good wave, favourable to the approach.

"It's not about that, although I wouldn't mind you being a little higher on the hierarchical ladder. I'm really willing to hire you as my secretary at the company if you want. That way we will be together longer!" he said visibly thoughtfully, which delighted me.

I admit that, at this moment, I would be tempted by a relationship with a girl as beautiful as you, but I still have to conclude some professional and sentimental calculations. What do you say, are you still waiting? What was I to say? After that I had waited fifteen years, I could wait for another one or two, as long as he made it clear that the respite, he was asking for would be extended. I accepted, of course. I had no idea then that, in fact, the wait would last another five years. But that's how it was, that's how long I had to wait. Related to various businesses and people, Adam kept postponing the moment when he and I would have belonged to each other. It wasn't until I was 28 and he was 38 that it happened. Then I became his girlfriend and, in a short time, his wife.

"Did you see that I was right and Adam married me?" I asked my family after the wedding when we moved into the new house and invited them to the inauguration. He also arranged my work, he left me pregnant in the desire to be the most beautiful and happy parent. The truth is, there is no other man like him. I'm the luckiest woman on the planet!

"That's right, Eleonora, the wait wasn't in vain!" my mother confirmed on behalf of both of them. But still twenty years, as long as you've been after him, are many years. When I think about how many frustrations you have accumulated, how many days full of love you have wasted during this time…

"I'll recover soon, Mom. I will live in a year as many other girls in five! I promised, and I didn't lie at all, because I was determined to do it. The wheel of fortune has turned for me and, from now on, nothing can stop me."

Three years have passed since then, years in which I kept my word: although pregnant, then recovering after giving birth to the most beautiful child, I lived life to the fullest and I enjoyed every moment spent with my husband, who truly proved and proves to be a good and beautiful man both on the outside and on the inside: altruistic, lovely and tender, like a noble gentleman.

Yes, it was a long wait, but I think it was worth the sacrifice, the first to admit it was Adam.

"Honey, what would you have done if I hadn't waited for you and slept with someone else? I bully him periodically, just to show him that even though he is the family businessman, I am the best investment he has made. What would you be now?"

"I wouldn't have been anything, and that's because you complete me! he confesses to me every time, with honey in his voice and fire in his eyes. You fulfil me! Thank you for your monumental patience, Eli!" " "And I thank you for having the strength to overcome male pride and give justice to a simple girl like me. May God help us to love ourselves to old age! Starting right now! Come on!"

the End