We got married again after a divorce imposed by my mother-in-law - part 1

We got married again after a divorce imposed by my mother-in-law - part 1

I almost can't believe I'm Gina's husband again, the only woman I've ever loved. Our destiny was clearly written, to be together for better or for worse, as we swore for the first time in front of the altar, regardless of the obstacles we face in life. And we had many...

My wife was almost up to the eye in the scandal. He had just come from his mother and I had nothing to do, I had to listen to his reproaches, as usual.

"You're an incompetent! I'm tired of this life!"

"But what's wrong with your life?" Is it really that bad? I asked irritably.

"Now you're paying stupid!" That's what I need if I didn't listen to my mother!

"But what great philosopher is yours?"

I was instantly annoyed to hear about my mother-in-law.

He took advantage of almost every opportunity to put his mother in our conversations. She seemed all-knowing, everything that came out of her mouth was a letter of the law to Galya. But this had not happened from the beginning. If I had known ... What would I have done? We probably didn't care. I loved Galya too much to consider her mother's presence. But I should have done it. My friends had been right when they advised me to pay more attention to the relationship between Galya and her mother... But I was too young and too in love to listen to their advice. Tell me! What did your mother say and you didn't listen to her? I am very curious...

"Find out he told me not to marry you!" She knows life better than I do and I should have listened to her...

"I thought that the decision to get married is not influenced by external factors!"

"You should not dare to make my mother an external factor! My mother is closer to me than you could ever be!"

"Well, I like you! Then take her as a husband, if she's the best! What have I done for you? To pretend that you are a great lady?"

" I'd better miss this "privilege"! I was a thousand times better at my mother's house.

Then I allowed myself to buy something new to wear every month. Ever since I got married... I've only been dressed in junks.

"But what, am I too elegant?" We decided that, in the beginning, it would be good to make some savings!

" I had to marry who my mother said! What did I look to you?"

"It's like you said you loved me!"

"Love goes through the stomach. If you don't have money, damn love!"

"You are free to look for one with money! Go and get a divorce and leave me alone! I'm fed up with the nonsense that that shrew puts in your head!"

" I did not offend you and I do not allow you to offend my mother like that! Why don't you admit it's your fault?"

Galya was absolutely aberrant! All she knew was to blame me for all her disappointments. Did I ever tell her I was rich, that I had palaces? Not! We had fallen in love and got married pretty quickly, ignoring the advice. Her mother had been against me from the beginning and still she is after almost two years. She reproached me for taking her daughter, for not letting her make a career. She can do whatever she wants with her life, I won't stop her! I retaliated against the accusations. We love each other and we will break through!

" Yeah, yeah... Do you think I'm a sucker, boy? You will see that you will reach my words! From nothing, because that's all you have, you won't get rich in a thousand years!"

"But I don't want to get rich!" I want to live a decent life, not to miss anything and that's it. And let's be happy. What matters most in life, money or happiness?

"You are a fool! I don't know what my daughter found in you."

Galya motioned for me not to get angry, to leave her mother alone. At the time, she seemed on my side.

" Honey, that's how mothers of girls are... They're never happy with their daughters' choices. Leave her alone, do you think I'm listening to her aberrations?" She told me in the evening, in bed.

" Okay, but why does she keep interfering?"

" It's mom, what can I do? Ignore her! Think he has no one but me! She's worried too much, I know, but that's the way she is... Please, honey, don't bother with her words!"

You'll see, it'll be fine! Besides, I love you so much! That's all that matters, do you hear? The feelings between the two of us must prevail! That's what Galya said. Yes, but it's been a long time since then. Do you know how much two years means? Galya has changed completely. From where at first she thought that only I was right, she had come to the other extreme: only her mother was right! The daily reproaches have shaken the relationship between us more and more. I also went crazy sometimes, but Galya was looking for the most scandalous reasons.

When he came from his mother, it was like another. I had the feeling that my mother-in-law's did nothing all day but write down my flaws, prepare the reproaches she served Gina every time she had the chance. Obviously, all this couldn't help but poison my wife. I hadn't noticed the change, it came unnoticed. Suddenly, I noticed that Gina was no longer so in love with me.

"Galya, what happened to you?" I asked her one evening. You are another...

" I have no joy in life! None! she began with reproaches."

" What do you want?"

"I don't know, money, tenderness, clothes, make-up! I want to have peace, to take care of myself and my health!"

" Who stops you?"

" What do you mean, who? You, with your savings! You don't know anything else!"

" Gina, we have agreed that we must be thoughtful! But that doesn't mean depriving yourself of your needs! It was about extra expenses. Did I forbid you to buy something?"

"When I hear you counting the money, you cut all my appetite of taking care of myself!"

" But I want us to buy a studio, our own house!"

" We could stay with my mother, not to pay rent on this little house! My mother welcomed us with open arms."

" Speaking about you, definitely yes... About me, hell no."

" Rather than throwing away so much money on rent, I'd rather stay with my mother!"

There was no point in talking. Galya had come too aroused from my mother-in-law and kept saying that we should stay with her. In the end, I did as Galya wanted. We weren't very poor, we both made good money. The money, in a rather high percentage, went to the studio's rent, which was quite expensive. Yes, it would have been a substantial economy if I had lived with my mother-in-law. But would I have endured seeing her every day? Should I hear his comments more than malicious?

Then, that day, when I heard Galya make me incapable... I burst out:

" Why am I incapable?"

"You said you'd do a lot, you said that you will move the mountains for me! I was a fool... I had to wait..."

"To wait what? One with money? Yes, your mother would have taken care of you! She would have found you enough men with money! She would have become your pimp!"

" You're an idiot! How do you say that about me? Or about my mother?"

"Well, if that's what you're suggesting... You know what?" I'm tired of all your complains and I’m sick of your self-pity! If you don't like me, go to your mother!

"I'm leaving and I'm not coming back!"

" Good luck and goodbye!"

Stay tuned for part 2!