We got married again after a divorce imposed by my mother-in-law - part 2

We got married again after a divorce imposed by my mother-in-law - part 2

I got divorced and the divorce was a big circus, unimaginable. They fought like beasts for the miserable goods we had seized. I was so disgusted that I gave up everything. I didn't want to remember the mistake I had made.

All the love I had had for Galya had turned into a terrible hatred. I felt how, just hearing the name, even though it had nothing to do with my ex-wife, made me angry. How could a love turn into garbage? When? Why?

After the experience with Gina, I decided to review my future plans. First, I gave up my feelings. I locked them in a hidden place, somewhere as deep as possible in my heart, for a future as far away as possible. My priorities were different. Of all the things Galya had thrown at me, the idea that I would be incapable had crushed me the most. Was I really? I had to do something. But what? I was struggling, trying to find a solution. With my job, I wouldn't have solved anything. No chance of making more money, no prospect of promotion. Luck came when I expected less. Vasili, a former colleague and friend, had opened a company in Dubai. He needed a trustworthy man and he offered to help me. I accepted. primarily because it offered me more money. Then there was something new for me, and I could have learned. After a year in which the company did very well, Vasili suggested that, from the commissions collected, I open my own company. "Okay, but it would be unfair competition! I can't... you're my friend!"

I was thinking of something convenient for both of us. Of course, it would not suit me to lose my customers, but if we divide them by diversifying the orders ... Look, I put money in and we do it in two!

The idea made me smile and we got to work. We studied the market and, after convincing ourselves that the idea was not bad, we set up the company. Things had started to move. Then, after a while, they moved really well. I bought an apartment, furnished it and started to feel good in my skin.

My life was now divided between business and home. In fact, it's inappropriate said, because even at home I was working like crazy. I was buried in papers, calculations, in all kinds of studies. I didn't even have time to breathe. Vasili also brought me down to earth.

"Hey, are you still alive? How are you doing with women? I don't think so, I haven't heard you talk about anyone..."

"I was left with a bitter taste. I like it more like that."

"Well, you fell in love and that's why you screwed it up! I didn't mean love!"

"Seriously? But what did you mean? Didn't you get married out of love?"

I happened to love a woman who is the daughter of the “right person”! So, things went well for me.

"Maybe I'll find a daughter too..."

"Or a rich woman!"

Well, I met Arina. He was ten years older than me, he had money, he looked good. Valentin had introduced me to her. For me, it all started as an adventure. Arina looked great for her age, she was seen to take care of her physical appearance, but she didn't attract me by that. She was an intelligent, free, unprejudiced woman. So, I joined the choir and start playing. I liked her company. He knew how to behave in any circumstance, he knew how to make me feel good. We got married, I couldn't say why. I didn't love her the way I thought I had to love to marry someone. But I had done it once and I was wrong. Why wouldn't I try this option too?

Money didn't make us enemies, but it didn't bring us any closer. I knew that the relationship between us worked because there were no disruptive factors. We hadn't let anyone approach us. We were just two people sharing everything. Probably the relationship with Arina would have continued, without ups and downs, if... I hadn't met Galya again! She stopped me at a store. I had gone out alone, I wanted to buy a gift for the wedding anniversary. He grabbed my hand and pulled me toward her. Until I realized, she hugged and kissed me. Only then did I realize who she was.

"What are you doing, Galya? are you okay How is your life?" I asked, with a smile in the corner of my mouth.

"What happened to you, you're not feeling well? Why are you asking me that?"

"Because I never forgot the reasons we broke up! So, did you get rich?"

"No, but it seems you have become... You're doing well!" You got married! she said pointing to the wedding ring.

"Well, what was I going to do? To mourn the deceased's marriage? And you know… The dead to the grave, and the living..."

"By the way, do you know my mother died?" He had a heart attack and... she's gone.

"I am sorry! I never got along with her, but... I'm sorry for you!"

"Since then, I've had time to think! Galya continued her idea. You know, sometimes I sit and wonder why we broke up. I can't find a convenient answer. I remember how much we loved each other, we thought we would be together for the rest of our lives, and all of a sudden, we found ourselves hating each other. Why?"

"Maybe we were too young. Maybe we didn't really love each other... What's the point of thinking bad things about the past? Life goes on, right? How are you? Are you married, do you have children?"

"Neither. I stayed with my mother. "

I started to laugh.

"Didn't he find anyone right for you?"

He nodded. After a moment of silence, he asked me:

"But are you happy?"

"What is happiness? A state of mind. You don't even realize how fast it disappears..."

In the evening, when I returned home. Arina immediately noticed the change.

"Did something happen that I should know about?"

"I have no idea. Maybe yes, maybe no."

I told her who I had met and what I had discussed. That evening, she didn't tell me anything, she didn't give me the answer until this morning.

"That woman still loves you." And I think you love her too.

"No away! I hated her as much as I could not imagine I could! I'm indifferent now. It seems to you, that's all! I assured her."

"My instinct never fail me!" Maybe you don't even want to admit it to yourself... But it shows on your face. You've blossomed in the last few hours. And this has only one explanation: the love that once united you is reborn."

"Arina, I love you!"

"Not true. I knew that, I knew the moment would come when you would leave me. Maybe now is the time..."

In the end, we agreed to divorce. We remained friends. Arina, she restored my freedom with the generosity of a man who knows how to love sincerely, truly. I've been with Galya for half a year, again as husband and wife. We live our love with exuberance, with anxiety, with... anything, but not with hatred.

the End